Solar PV.

Solar Photo Voltaic, or PV, is a slightly newer technology than solar thermal and the principles are simple

A chemical reaction generates electrical current within the panels (which again are usually found on the roof of a building) and this electricity can then be used in the home to power appliances which have traditionally been solely reliant on the national grid and its fossil fuels.

The idea behind a typical home installation is to cover the “base load”, this covers appliances such as fridges, low level lighting and any other low demand but constant draws. It is not designed to cover all electrical demands such as kettles, irons etc as they have high power requirements and would require much larger PV installations.

Most households would normally install just enough to cover the basics and the national grid would then pick up the excess and peak demands.

Feed In Tariff.

The Government has introduced a Clean Energy Cash-back Scheme, also known as Feed in Tariffs, whereby householders and communities who install low carbon electricity technology, such as solar photovoltaic panels, will be paid for the electricity they generate even if they use it themselves. The level of payment will depend on the technology and is index-linked to inflation. In the case of PV, these rates are guaranteed for 25 years.

An on-line tool is available on the Energy Saving Trust website allowing consumers to work out Feed in Tariff payments for themselves.

To qualify for the scheme, customers must use certified installers, such as ourselves, as well as products approved under the Microgeneration Certification scheme (MCS).

Further advice can be found on the Energy Saving Trust and The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme websites.

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Solar PV
Solar PV
Solar PV
Solar PV